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Jiangxi water conservancy and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd.

About us

The company was awarded of Publicity Qualification 2013-2014 ‘Contract and Credit’ activity

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      The company was awarded by Jiangxi Industrial and Commercial Bureau with Publicity Qualification 2013-2014 of ‘Contract and Credit’ activity on 20th, April 2015. The ‘Contract and Credit’ publicity activity has been holding by Industrial and Commercial Bureau for quite a long time, aiming to promote business credit among companies, which is an important part of social credit system.

     Credit is the base of development for any company. The company firmly keeps credit ideas and makes a creditable brand by upgrading credit management system of the company, specifying business behaviors and holding various kinds of credit education activities for company staffs. As the company has always been perfecting its public image and enhances its inner quality, the company has been awarding as AAA company of ‘Contract and Credit’ continuously for ten years. 

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