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JWHC Kenya Branch Donated Prevention Material To Defeat Epidemic

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On May 12, JWHC Kenya Branch donated 10,000 facemasks to Kenya Rural Roads Authority, which fulfilled its enterprise social responsibility. The contribution would support the epidemic prevention work of its employees and their communities.


After receiving the prevention materials JWHC donated, the director of Kenya Rural Roads Authority extended his profound gratitude with a warm acknowledge letter to Kenya Branch. He said in his letter, “The kind contribution as JWHC support goes a long way in helping us to fight COVID-19, and the donation is very much appreciated by the Authority.”


Previously, during the epidemic outbreak in Kenya, JWHC Kenya Branch also donated other prevention materials through the project Employers to local communities and community residents, such as water tanks,hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohol to wash hands. In addition, each project department also provided facemasks for local employees and their families on the site, periodic review of temperature and health conditions, and made emergency programme for various contingency circumstance. 


This donation embodies JWHC's mission to fulfill its overseas social responsibility, demonstrates the good image of Chinese enterprises, and conveys the strength and great love of helping each other to jointly defeat COVID-19. 


Kenya Branch Donates Facemasks to Kenya Rural Roads Authority



The Letter of Thanks from Kenya Rural Roads Authority to Kenya Branch

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