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Dean Zhang Baorui of BIDR and his Delegation Visited JWHC

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Dean  Zhang Baorui of BIDR and  his Delegation Visited JWHC



On June 2, Zhang Baorui, General Manager of Overseas Business Department and Dean of International Engineering Design Institute of China Water Resources Beifang Investigation, Design and Research Co., Ltd. (BIDR)  and his delegation visited JWHC, including Chang Yulong, Deputy Director of Overseas Marketing Development & Management Department and Deputy General Manager of African Branch, and Chen Zhiyong, General Manager Assistant of African Branch. Zhang Zhouping, JWHC Director & Executive Director of Jiangxi Overseas Construction Co., Ltd.(JOCC), Huang Zhengmin, JWHC Director & JOCC General Manager, and Zhang Liya, JOCC General Manager Assistant attended the seminar.


During the seminar, Director Zhang Zhouping first expressed his warm welcome to Dean Zhang Baorui and his delegation.The two sides conducted in-depth discussion on their respective developments, cutting-edge advantages, and areas of cooperation.


Once a ministry-run designing institute, BIDR has now developed into a large science and technology oriented enterprise,one of the Top 100 national  investigation and designing firms and  national high-tech enterprises with the highest AAA+ credit rating in the water resources and electricity sector in China, enjoying high reputation at home and abroad.


Founded in 1956, JWHC possessed an exceedingly good market brand and strong competitiveness in the industry with leading scientific and technological advantages and construction capacity. In recent years, JWHC has closely centered on “The Belt and Road”Initiative and created excellent performance in the international market.


JWHC has seized the opportunity to take the lead in going abroad and made a rapidly growth in broad international market and wide business scope in overseas development, the excellent performance was firmly affirmed by Dean Zhang Baorui and his delegation, who expressed that BIDR is not only committed to providing industry-wide whole-chain services in infrastructure area such as engineering investment and financing, exploration, survey, design,  general contracting, and smart operation, but also expanding its business into the fields of designing consultancy and construction management, providing technical services for construction enterprises. As a private enterprise with responsibilities and accomplishments, JWHC has strong comprehensive strength and broad development prospects.Both sides wish to  tap the vast potential of  win-win cooperation on the basis of mutual understanding and complementary advantages .


Both sides conclude the seminar with common view on constantly communication strengthen and interactive exchange promotion through joint efforts to obtain win-win cooperation ASAP , and  strive  to make enterprises bigger and stronger.

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