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He Jianhua of China SINOSURE Jiangxi branch and his delegation visited JWHC

Author: release time: 2020-06-15 browsing number: 0 為進一步提升公司海外市場及境外在建項目的風險管控能力,6月11日,中國出口信用保險公司(以下簡稱:中國信保)江西分公司保后理賠追償處何健華副處長及李娜經理一行蒞臨公司授課指導。公司海外副總經理熊昊冠、公司總部及海外公司相關職能部門人員參會。
In order to further enhance the risk management and control capabilities of overseas market and overseas projects under construction, He Jianhua, deputy director of the post-insurance claims & recovery office of Jiangxi branch of China SINOSURE, and manager Li Na and their colleagues visited JWHC for training session  on June 11,2020. Xiong Haoguan,JOCC  deputy general manager,and staff from HQ and relevant functional departments attended the training.

First of all, JOCC deputy general manager Mr. Xiong extended a warm welcome to Mr. He and his delegation. Li Na, manager of China SINOSURE, was the main speaker of the training session. Focused on "post management of China SINOSURE", the process and precautions of claim business under special insurance project was explained in a professional and systematic way. Manager Li listed a number of cases to introduce the specific operation methods to the participants. The lecture content was easy to understand so that the participants could have a more comprehensive understanding of related business knowledge.


During the training, the participants actively asked questions and communicated with Deputy Director He Jianhua and Manager Li Na about the post-insurance management business for underwriting overseas projects. The training is so fruitful and professional that all participants have gained a lot.

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