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District Head Huang Xiaoyan and her Delegation Visited JWHC

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On June 16 afternoon, Huang Xiaoyan, Deputy Secretary of Xihu District Committee of Nanchang City and Head of the People's Government of the Xihu District visited JWHC with her delegation including Yang Yuwen, Director of Xihu District Government Office, Xiong Junyi, Director of Xihu District Commerce Bureau, and Zhang Lei, Director of the District Development Bureau of Modern Services. Wang Yuandan, JWHC Party Committee Secretary and Chairman, Zhang Zhouping, JWHC Director & Executive Director of Jiangxi Overseas Construction Co., Ltd.(JOCC), Huang Zhengmin, JWHC Director & JOCC General Manager and other senior executives accompanied the investigation.



While hosting a seminar to District Head Huang and her delegation in JWHC Exhibition Hall, Chairman Wang first expressed his warm welcome with profound gratitude to Xihu District People’s Government for its long-term concern, support and assistance to JWHC. District Head Huang fully affirmed the company's 64-year development process and various achievements at home and abroad in many fields. It’s her sincere wish that JWHC will develop into a century-old high-quality enterprise, while making itself bigger and stronger, it will contribute more to society and serve the people better.




Attendees of the seminar include Xiao Kai, JWHC Deputy General Manager, Zhang Liya, JWHC General Manager Assistant, Yao Lei, General Manager of Jiangxi Overseas Energy Development Co., Ltd. and Wang Changbao, JOCC Deputy Manager of Marketing Department.


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